Escalators and moving walks


UNIKEN has delivered, installed and services more than 100 escalators and moving walks in Bulgaria, which makes the company one of the biggest deliverers in the country. We are proud that our escalators (the oldest of which dates back to 2002) work flawlessly and satisfy all users’ requirements. The reason for that is the high expertise of the manufacturer SJEC which is represented exclusively in Bulgaria by UNIKEN. It is a Chinese company where are manufactured 95% out of all escalators in the world. World’s market of SJEC is round 8%. SJEC offers all kinds of escalators and moving walks. The company is able to respond to all requirements and equip their products with all known options for this market. SJEC Is the most recognized and biggest independent manufacturer of escalators in the world. It sells at all continents. SJEC is certified according to all European standards and norms for escalators and moving walks.