The official and the sole representative of ORONA, Spain, in Bulgaria, as well as of other world leaders in the manufacture of lifts, escalators,  all kinds of lifting platforms, plus parking systems;


One of the two biggest companies in Bulgaria dealing with delivery and installation of lifts;

UNIKEN imports several times more complete lifts than all other importers, altogether;

UNIKEN made a name in Bulgaria for the Spanish lifts by importing, installing and providing service for thousands of lifts (mostly ORONA) and more than 100 escalators. UNIKEN offers the full range of lifts (standard, panoramic, circular, with non-standard cabin, vehicle, freight, kitchen, invalid, home lifts, etc.), escalators and moving walks, freight platforms, invalid platforms, parking systems, construction lifters. We are ready to respond to any request, even the irregular ones. For example, we offer inclined lifts, lifts for ships and yachts, lift covered with crystals or whatever lifts you want.




UNIKEN was registered as a company with its main activity being the delivery, installation and service of lifts. Eng. Valentin Marinkov is the company’s founder and owner. He has been in the business with lifts since year 1976.

Lifts with world best quality standard at attractive price



Valentin Marinkov was disappointed with the low quality the Bulgarian lift manufacturers were offering so he transformed UNIKEN into an import company. Despite the fact that the Bulgaria’s European Union (EU) accession negotiations had not been even started at the time, eng. Valentin Marinkov was searching for an EU lift manufacturer who was complying with the European standards and requirements. Our purpose was to offer lifts with the highest European and world quality.




At the beginning of the recent building boom in Bulgaria UNIKEN became the sole representative of ORONA S. Coop., the largest lift manufacturing company in Spain and the seventh largest in the world. A company that produces the full range of passenger lifts.


As the Bulgarian construction market expands, UNIKEN aims at satisfying all needs and requests of its numerous customers. Staying loyal to its principles for high quality and low prices, UNIKEN gradually chooses its other partners – manufacturing companies of paramount importance in international markets:





UNIKEN becomes the sole representative of HIDRAL, Spain in Bulgaria. HIDRAL is the biggest manufacturer in Spain and one of the three largest ones in Europe of:

- freight lifts and platforms with maximum capacity load kg. 20.000;

- vehicle lifts;

- kitchen platforms;

- vertical lifts and lifting platforms for stairs, securing access for disabled people;

home lifts.





UNIKEN becomes the exclusive representative SJEC in Bulgaria. SJEC is one of the biggest and most experienced manufacturers of escalators and moving walks worldwide (having about 10% world market share).




UNIKEN receives the sole representative’s rights of the second biggest lift manufacturer in Spain – MP. As a result, UNIKEN managed to occupy huge share of the market for hydraulic lifts for residential buildings, at extremely low prices.

UNIKEN-S OOD (Ltd) has been established in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. Thus begins the expansion of UNIKEN out of Bulgaria. The core business activities remain the same as in Bulgaria. Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, and Germany are the markets both companies operate on.





UNIKEN becomes the exclusive representative of KLAUS Multipaking, Germany – a world leader in the manufacture of car parking systems, making it possible for several automobiles to park one over the other.




The global financial and economic crisis had great impact on the construction sector and the demand for new lifts and escalators. During that period UNIKEN has strengthened its leading position as one of the two biggest firms in our sector in Bulgaria, under the shrinking demand conditions. UNIKEN has its focus on meeting the specific newly-emerged customer requirements, but also on a brand new challenge: non-compliance with the European Union norms and standards (which are also Bulgarian norms and standards) by a large part of the Bulgarian lift sector.

The huge “compromises” made by the controlling and supervising bodies led to an increasing number of lifts, jeopardizing people’s safety, health, and life, being entered into operation. UNIKEN’s priority is to see to if that the EU norms and standards are observed by ALL of the market participants and to insist on them doing so.